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ZOC Terminal 6.59

ZOC is a professional SSH/telnet client and terminal emulator
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ZOC Terminal is a professional client/terminal emulator for Windows & Mac OS X that emulates a wide and impressive range of terminals native to mainframe,super-mini&Unix environments. It is also compatible with most methods of communication like secure shell(SSH),telnet,serial cable,Rlogin & modem/isdn. The range of terminal emulations offered by ZOC include Xterm, DEC VT 52, VT100 and VT220, IBM 3270 and 5250, Ansi-BBS and Ansi-SCO,TVI,QNX & Wyse. It is also at home with major file transfer protocols like SCP, X-modem, Y-modem,Z- modem and Kermit. At a glance, key benefits are:
+ Tabbed sessions with thumbnails
+ Address book with folders and color coded hosts
+ Customizable to meet your preferences and needs
+ Scripting language with over 200 commands
+ Complete redefinition of the keyboard
+ Automatic invocation of macros
+ Host directory that can be shared over a network
+ Compatible with Windows 8 and OS X Mavericks
+ Administrator friendly (deployment, configuration)

The installer downloaded from this page will set up a 30-day, free,trial version of ZOC Terminal 6.53 on your PC. It is suitable for all Windows versions, 32&64 bit.

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  • Probably, emulates the widest range of computer terminals in use in the IT industry today


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